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Welcome to
M&A Capital, Inc.

Our purpose

Grow and preserve the family's legacy through investments that generate value and knowledge for future generations.

M&A Capital, Inc.

M&A Capital is a family office built from the business and financial legacy of Roberto Motta Cardoze. It is dedicated to managing assets and investments, always keeping the values of its founder alive.


As a team, we are passionate, innovative and prioritize the value of people in our investments, creating long-term relationships and always thinking about the growth of future generations.

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At M&A Capital we have a diversified portfolio of investments that include banking, real estate, insurance, services, among others. We participate in direct investments in operating businesses, real estate and private funds with a local and international focus.





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The Legacy of
Roberto Motta Cardoze

M&A is a Family office that was created with the purpose of giving continuity to the legacy of Roberto Motta, SA, an office established by our Founder in 1946.  Their strategy was based on having minority stakes in different businesses and identifying good partners and managers.  Roberto “Bobby” Motta made important contributions in Panama, especially in banking, insurance, industrial, real estate and logistics.   He is recognized and remembered for his principles, values and great quotes, which are the foundation of our culture at M&A Capital.


At M&A, we always have something to do, something to look forward to, and families to share with.

M&A Capital

Business Handshake

The values that represent us

For us, our priorities are our people and promoting innovation in all of our projects and investments. We seek long-term relationships with our partners and collaborators based on our values and Don Bobby legacy.

Our word is worth gold

We respect the time of others

We dream big

We are passionate and hardworkers

We build trust

We prioritize people

Giving Back

In this world there is only one religion: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

- Don Bobby Motta

We are committed to supporting children, the elderly and the environment.  We believe in education and entrepreneurship as development tools.


For more information about our company please write to:

+507 300-0670

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