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Our legacy

Roberto Motta Cardoze

Legacy of

Roberto Motta Cardoze

As an Entrepreneur

Roberto Motta Cardoze was born on May 19, 1913 in Panama.  He began his career delivering newspapers and distributing “Armour” butter on his bicycle in San Felipe.  He did his high school studies at the National Institute and then spent 2 years at Augusta Military Academy, Virginia, United States. He marries Dora Alvarado, with whom he has three children: Anamae, Roberto and María Antonia.


Don Bobby, as we fondly remember him at M&A, was a successful person who loved Panama dearly and who had many successes based on effort, dedication and honest work. He had a great entrepreneurial spirit, which allowed him to passionately create companies that would create jobs for thousands of people, which filled him with great pride.


As an Entrepreneur

He was a renowned businessman, rancher, banker and a great defender of ethical and moral values. He stood out for his great contributions to the development of Panama and the Region, especially in the real estate, financial services, insurance and logistics sectors.


It was an important pillar in the foundation of distinguished companies and organizations such as Banco Continental (later merged with Banco General), Compañía Panameña de Seguros (today ASSA), Manzanillo International Terminal, Harinas de Panamá (merged with Gold Mills), INCAE, among other. At the age of 80, as an example of his vision, he began to conceptualize Costa del Este, he managed to create a modern development and business center on an old garbage dump.

Values of
Don Bobby

The following generations have continued his legacy by promoting investments in Panama and the region that promote the development and generation of jobs. For the family and the M&A Team, it is fundamental to preserve “Don Bobby's values” in everything we do, which reflect his honor, vision, commitment and desire to work and learn.


You have to see things with high beams.

- Don Bobby Motta

Business Handshake

Our Values
at M&A

Our Word is Worth Gold

We are honest, we keep what we promise, and we take care of our reputation.

The Motta Hour

We are punctual and respect other's time,

We dream big

We are visionaries and we are in constant search of new opportunities.

We are passionate and we work hard

We are "hungry", that is, we want to work and learn.

We build trust

We look for good “riders” for business, we develop our teams and we build trust as good partners.

We prioritize people

We are concerned about our country and the generation of employment, as Don Bobby used to say: "My Party is Panama."


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